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To Celebrate the Second Month of our KICKSTARTER Campaign, we are hosting a Advent-Calendar-Mega-Contest! Every Day, one Contest posted on our Facebook page! Every Day One Winner!

Today's Contest (Dec.6th):

[D-13 MEGA CONTEST] Find the 7 mistakes! Look closely and you might find 7 out-of-place elements in this picture. Found some? Send us the list at and try to win a digital verison of the game (of your choice): 10 winners!!!

[J-13 MEGA CONTEST] Trouvez les 7 erreurs ! Regardez attentivement ce game play... Voyez-vous ce qui cloche ? Seuls les vrais sachent ! Envoyez-nous la liste des "erreurs" à et tentez de gagner une version numérique du jeu (de votre choix) : 10 gagnants !!!

[ON-GOING UNTIL DEC. 7th] You have about one week to draw the coolest PAPRIUM fan-art possible! You can submit multiple entries and, at anytime, to Drawing can be on paper or digital and must be your own! We will display all your arts on the December 7th and submit for public voting! Three winners will be picked and their drawing featured in PAPRIUM's Compendium (and will receive one COMPENDIUM of course). In addition each winner will receive a Collector Edition of their choice ! The best of the three winners will also receive a Limited Photography!!!

[EN COURS JUSQU'AU 7] Vous avez environ une semaine pour dessiner le plus cool fan-art PAPRIUM l ! Vous pouvez soumettre plusieurs dessins - papier ou digital - à Attention, ce dessin doit être fait maison, pas de getty image ! Tous les dessins seront affichés et soumis au vote du public le 7 décembre ! Les trois gagnants selectionnés verront leur dessin ajouté au Compendium de PAPRIUM (et ils recevront un COMPENDIUM bien sûr). De plus, chaque gagnant recevra une Edition Collector de son choix ! Et le meilleur des trois recevra en supplément une Photographie Edition Limité!

[ON-GOING UNTIL DEC. 7th] Ready for the show…time ? Use your mouth, hands, bananas or anything else you want (as long as it produces sounds) and post your performance on social media! It has to be related to PAPRIUM! Email us the link to your creation to (for obvious file-size reason, just a link, not the file!!!). We will draw three winners by December 7th (same day as the Drawing contest, ongoing!!!). Each winner gets a signed PAPRIUM MEGA-OST! The ultimate video game OST (One record + 3 CD's!!!)!

[EN COURS JUSQU'AU 7] Prêt pour la chenille de l'amour ? Utilisez votre bouche, vos mains, vos bananes ou tout ce que vous voulez (tant que cela produit des sons) et publiez votre performance sur les réseaux sociaux ! Bien sur, cela doit être lié au PAPRIUM ! Envoyez-nous par e-mail le lien de votre création à (pour une raison évidente de la taille du fichier, juste un lien, pas le fichier !!!). Nous choisirons trois gagnants d'ici le 7 décembre (le même jour que le concours de dessin, en cours !!!). Chaque gagnant recevra un PAPRIUM MEGA-OST dédicacé ! L'OST de jeu vidéo par excellence (Un disque + 3 CD !!!) !

One prize per day (check the Facebook post above for today's prize and instructions). You don't need Facebook nor being part of the KICKSTARTER campaign to participate! No obligation to participate! Winners picked at Watermelon's sole discretion.

On top of that: At the end of 25 days we are going to pick three Mega-Winners, huge prizes as follow:

Winner #1: One Mini-MEGAPOPE edition (custom game with your own character, titlescreen, cover art and 16 cartridges to give to your friends) + One Limited Print Photography + All the PAPRIUM Figurines + The GRANDSTICK IV + The PAPRIUM MEGA-OST (one Record+3discs) + The PAPRIUM COMPENDIUM (strategy guide).

Winner #2: All the Collector Editions of the game (so you get all the Figurines) + One Limited Print Photography + All the PAPRIUM Figurines + The GRANDSTICK IV + The PAPRIUM MEGA-OST (one Record+3discs) + The PAPRIUM COMPENDIUM (strategy guide).

Winner #3: All the Figurines of the game + One Limited Print Photography + All the PAPRIUM Figurines + The GRANDSTICK IV + The PAPRIUM MEGA-OST (one Record+3discs) + The PAPRIUM COMPENDIUM (the Strategy Guide).

Winners (so far):
Alba Y.
Axel R.
Ben M.
Cyril M.
Djé B.
Jerome B.
Matt L.
Loic C.
Pol L.
Rafael S.G.
Rodolphe G.
Romain K.
Sonik BR

Winners of D-23 contest below!!!

Winner of D-23 contest is Alba Y. Great acting performance from the little friend! Who knew a 4 legged player could play PAPRIUM on Nintendo Switch?!

Rodolphe G. "Nobody can touch my PAPRIUM!" So true!

TheRealShowtime for outstanding performance and photography!

Matt L. "Ayé le linge est sec" haha so funny, better have your thongs ready!

Sonik BR now we know why Edessot is running so fast!

Want to know more about the contest? To watch the Advent-Calendar-Mega-Contest introduction video (very high quality video!), click on the image above!


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