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80-MEG High Density Cartridge -the biggest MegaDrive/Genesis cartridge class- featuring the DT128M16VA1LT chipset aka "DATENMEISTER". The Mega Drive/SEGA Genesis takes -once again- the lead!
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Pier Solar
WaterMelon is also the company behind Pier Solar and the Great Architect, a praised 2010 Mega Drive/Genesis game which also got re-released on modern platforms such as the SEGA Dreamcast, in 2015!
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      After more than 4 epic years of development, WaterMelon Games is proud to present its new 16-Bit game: PAPRIUM (code-name: "ProjectY"), a postapocalyptic, outrageous, street brawler. PAPRIUM has been crafted at WM's Magical Game Factory using Investor’s votes and suggestions. PAPRIUM has been developed by a team driven by true passion and 16-Bit excellence.
Year 8A2, somewhere at equidistant point between Shanghai, Tokyo and Pyongyang, a Megapolis rose from ashes of the shortest but most devastating nuclear war in history, its name is PAPRIUM. BRUTAL, MASSIVE. You will fight your way through the city with Tug, Alex and Dice. Redefine the word justice, deal with the BLU drug temptation, and more importantly: STAY ALIVE!

Nothing's too grand for the ultimate Mega Drive/Genesis game:
   Size Shock: 80-MEG, +24 Levels, +5 Playable Characters!
   Speed Shock: Uncompromized 60fps advanced 16-bit visuals.
   Sound Shock: 48Khz x 24 channels (FM, PSG, DT128M16VA1LT).

No detail has been compromized:
   1 or 2 simultaneous player gameplay.
   Multiple game modes.
   Three save slots for a unseen-before brawler size.

PAPRIUM is available for pre-order in two outstanding editions:
   LIMITED edition, available in three regions (Japanese, Usa, Europe).
   CLASSIC edition, black clamshell box with black grid design.

Each edition includes the original 80-MEG game cartridge, a full color instruction manual, quality box, multiple goodies such as posters and stickers and a bunch of surprises! Game is compatible with both PAL and NTSC original Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis game system. Game is region-lock free.

Expanding the experience, to be released with the game: The GRANDSTICK III, the ultimate arcade stick to be available in an limited edition, optimized for PAPRIUM. Professional grade arcade stick with high quality SANWA® and WM customized switches.
   High-quality switches (SANWA x WM).
   Clicking' joystick + eight buttons.
   Dual connectivity with Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis and USB.
   State-of-art casing and finish (Aluminium, Stainless-Steel and Acrylic).

PAPRIUM Purchase
Pre-order PAPRIUM "CLASSIC EDITION" NOW for $69.00, worldwide shipping included!
Or you may prefer the PAPRIUM "LIMITED EDITION" for only $89.00!
Only for Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis. Estimated shipping date: 16/09/2017.
Extra: The first 1988 purchases gets PAPRIUM MANGA VOL.1 included with their purchases!

Purchase not available at the moment, please leave us a message with your contact details here, we will get back to you shortly. Thank you!


Nano OST (By David «Groovemaster303» Burton & Trevin «Jredd» Hughes):

Want more? Might want to get a drink!

WANT TO BEAT ‘EM UP? Strike harder, beat stronger with the GRANDSTICK III. Share this facebook post bellow to a maximum of friends (if you do have any) and be one of the three lucky winners to received an exclusive GOLDEN edition of the GRANDSTICK III. So don’t be stingy, you have until April 16th!!!

Gwénaël «Fonzie» Godde

Gwénaël Godde
Luis Martins

Luis Martins

David «Groovemaster303» Burton
Trevin «Jredd» Hughes

Lionel «Shaolin soul» Godinho

Gwénaël Godde
Tim Jonsson

Dang Kian Sang
Tim Jonsson
Luis Martins

Jorge Nuno Candeias

Piotr Radecki
Andrew Bado
Shane Stevens

Olivier «OB1» Brosseron
Jorge Nuno Candeias

Tiido Priimägi

Fred Gast
John «Choup» Ernie
Thierry Buisson
Clara Rojas

Zebastian «Zebbe» Brax




Directed by Bastien Robilliard and Christian Chambenoit. Produced by Max Huang and The Company Studio
Director of Photography : Christian Chambenoit
Editing and FX : Bastien Robilliard
Slave: Julien «MR HU» Moreau
Music Mixing & Sound Design: Manels Favre
Main Track: «DECAPITATOR» by Benoit «Zebre-Rouge» Vitoux
Last Track: «Asian Chill» by David Burton & Trevin Hughes

 Mini FAQ
1. Your purchase will be done through WM's Magical Game Factory, the official online shop of WaterMelon. The international shipping is FREE. Items are shipped from either France or USA depending on stock and your address. Payments are made with PayPal or Credit/Debit card through PayPal.

2. What is the exact status of the game? The game programming is in its final days, look for the estimated release date on purchase section. There might be extra little delays but WM never fails to deliver! Thanks for your patience and support!
3. The Mega Drive/Genesis game cartridge is compatible with any original Mega Drive/Genesis game system (PAL or NTSC). The game is in English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. In every version, the instruction manual is in English with smaller sections with Japanese, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

4. Does the game run on any after-market, non-SEGA manufactured systems? No, after-market systems do not have the guts to run PAPRIUM, stick to the original hardware! No original Mega Drive or SEGA Genesis? Click here!

5. Does the box look like a original MegaDrive/Genesis box? Yes it does, it's the exact same style and size. The LIMITED EDITION is made of artboard instead of plastic while the CLASSIC EDITION is made of plastic!!!
6. What do you mean by Beat them up? Beat them up (also known as street brawler or beat them all) is a video game genre featuring hand-to-hand combat between the protagonist and an improbably large number of opponents. Gameplay consists of walking through a level, one section at a time, defeating a group of enemies before advancing to the next section. Find out some of the best known Beat ‘em up : Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon, Golden Axe, River City Ransom, Turtles hyperstone heist, Two crude dudes, Battletoads, Guardian Heroes.

7. A limited production run, what does it mean? At WaterMelon, we always reward the early supporters, the "Limited Edition" is manufactured in true limited quantity.

8. When is the ROM release or STEAM port? PAPRIUM is tailor-made for the original Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis hardware and run at an uncompromized 60fps, a ROM release or STEAM port can't do it any justice.

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